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Advisory Board

The Kids 4 Truth Advisory Board was established for a three-fold purpose: providing counsel, promoting K4T's program and curriculum, and praying diligently for K4T's ministry. Each Advisory Board member brings to the table practical wisdom, experience, and sound, biblical advice. These people are located all over the globe and involved in a number of different areas of life and ministry. K4T has benefited greatly from the depth and breadth of their various perspectives.

Rusty Ralph
Keven Brownfield
Ben Wright
Steve Pettit
Peter Blake
Ken Collier
Troy Campbell
Sam Horn
Ian McConnell
Darrell Morris
Brian Peterson
Matt Bixby
Phil Hill
Jeremy McMorris
Brad Jury
Jeremy Scott
Monty Kaufman
Andrew Franseen
Chris Barney
Addy Forrest
Matt Collier
Carl Herbster
Marty Herron


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