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Devotional Authors

The Lord has blessed Kids 4 Truth with a group of gifted writers who have volunteered their time and abilities at various times in order to share truths from God's Word in a format for children. These writers help K4T in its mission to encourage and equip families and local churches who want to teach God-focused truth to children. One of the best ways to ensure a child will learn to know Jesus rather than merely to learn about Jesus is to teach that child how to read the Bible faithfully. God's Word is how He has revealed Himself to us, and K4T's devotional writers aim to help kids search God's Word to find out Who He is, what He is doing, and what He expects of them.

Marrena Ralph
Joy Golson
Bob Roberts
Marie Tabler
Adele Roberts
Eileen Berry
Matt Collier
Brian Peterson
Jeremy Scott
Addy Forrest


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