We believe in the power of prayer because of the God of our prayers! God tells us in His Word that the consistent, passionate prayers of righteous people accomplish much (James 5:16). We want to accomplish much, but we know that it is only by God working in us and through us that much good will truly be done. We need God more than anything else! Praying for Kids 4 Truth regularly is the best way you can support our ministry.


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Currently, we have approximately 760 prayer warriors praying for us all around the globe.

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Top Ten Requests:

  1. Pray that God would bless the Kids 4 Truth Devotional System - that it would be a blessing to millions of boys and girls (and parents and churches) around the globe. Please pray that God would raise up all the right authors for this project, and that God would give us wisdom as to how we can best serve local churches and families to inspire and equip boys and girls to have their devotions. (
  2. That God would continue to expand our translation team by providing more translators
  3. Pray for Bob Roberts as he travels to churches promoting Kids 4 Truth, and as he speaks to generous givers in an effort to raise funds for Kids 4 Truth International.
  4. Pray for God's strength, wisdom, and precision regarding continued curriculum development.
  5. Pray for Dave W. as he answers various questions about God that come in as a result of the website. So far, he has been able to personally answer several hundred emails!
  6. Please pray for a supernatural ability to accomplish the vision the Lord has given to us. Pray that He would rally all necessary components: people's time, talents, and treasures - and work them together to accomplish His will.
  7. Please pray for the selection of projects that we all work upon - that they would be useful, unique, and ubiquitous - We can't do everything we'd like to do, so we desperately need the mind of Christ to lead us to the precisely right projects.
  8. More prayer support from faithful prayer warriors! If you know any, please spread the word by encouraging them to sign up here:
  9. Pray for volunteers to help us gather and proof content for the Kids 4 Truth website.
  10. Please pray that God would help us to publish some new, doctrinally-rich songs for boys and girls that correspond with our Twelve Themes.

You can find the full list at as well as a list of prayer requests and praises specific to the ministry support at the Praise & Thanksgiving section of the STM blog.


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