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What People Say

For a long time, I have been a person who refused to give in to God. Like the example of the drowning man and the lifeguard, I tried to save myself. Although I have done good things, I have committed many sins, and I felt unworthy. I realize now that Jesus died to save us all. He through His blood has given us the opportunity to go to Heaven blameless.

- Angel

This Creation web site has been a favorite of our family. What a treasure to have come upon! We have shared it with many. Excellent content AND quality. And the international direction is wonderful. We have many friends and family around the world who are enjoying this in their language because of your efforts. Thanks.

- Anita

I don't think I have ever seen anything that beautiful on any computer or television screen in my life and I don't think I ever will again. I just wanted to thank you for making something so beautiful. I am sorry if this disgusts you, but your work has crossed over the religious barrier, me myself an atheist. Still, even though I don't believe in your God, that was truly beautiful and I hope you make something like it very soon.

- Anonymous

For a long time, I have been a person who refused to give into God. Like the example of the drowning man and the lifeguard, I tried to save myself. Although I have done good things, I have committed many sins, and I felt unworthy. I realize now that Jesus died to save us all. He through His blood has given us the opportunity to go to Heaven blameless.

- Anonymous

I am a Christian coming from Hong Kong, I admire your web design, especially the flash movie! They are a meaningful tools for preaching and teaching. I am a teacher, I teach computer and Bible in the lesson, so I will demonstrate your homepage (flash movie) in some lesson. So I hope you can make more flash movie about the Bible! I will pray for your work! in Christ

- Anonymous

I would like to thank you for the article. My parents raised me in church but as we got older we just stopped going, most likely because of how busy our schedules had gotten. Now I'm 19 and a freshman in college, I realize what a mistake it was to turn away from the church and put our social lives in front of the Lord. I always thought that as long as I believed in the Lord and was not "bad" then I would have eternal life. Your article made me realize that one sin is just as bad as many. Yes, I was a little rude to my parents growing up but we still loved each other and I steered clear of all the "bad" things in high school. I considered myself a good kid. But now I realize that isn't good enough. I have decided to TURN, TRUST, and TAKE what Jesus has to offer. I'm ready to become a better person and a follower of the Lord. Thank you for helping me and many others to whom I sent this website. God Bless You.

- Anonymous

Just a short note to say that I spend many hours a day on the internet and at my computer doing my job and I receive approx. 300 emails a day and a lot of stuff...and this is by far the best email to date…. Thank y’all for your hard work & imagination.

- Anonymous

We could see the benefits of K4T in the kids’ lives shortly after they began attending. A number of times the kids would quote verses that applied to the questions that I was mulling over (and a couple of times when I was ‘trying’ to witness to RLDS friends in Wal-Mart or a parking lot!!), and I always learned something from their booklets when I looked through them…. We’ve gotten [other] books for using with the kids, but they aren’t nearly as easy to understand or as interesting as the K4T booklets."

- Parent of Kids 4 Truth Club Member

I just want to thank you for that wonderful, artistic, inspiring expression of the Biblical Creation account. I would like so many people to see it, or rather experience it. It is not only impressive, it is artistically coherent and well-composed, both from a design and a color stand-point. It is wonderful to see this quality of work being done to the glory of God and to the advancement of His truth.

- Bob

I'm from Brazil, and I just saw your homepage (I click in the link that is in the graphic "CREATION", that I received by email from my friend). Congratulations, it's really nice!

I would also let you know that the words in the section about GOD's WORD (Blade's Edge), help me today, and also give me words to support others people in these question. Thank you. God bless you and this mission!!!!

- Carlos

Wow! Your Creation "video" was awesome! I would rate your whole website as one of the Top Ten on the Web!! I have just forwarded your URL to everybody in my address book. I am VERY impressed with your desire for excellence (for His glory, obviously). I will be praying that God will use your site to touch the hearts of millions of people, and that much eternal fruit will come forth for the increase of His Kingdom! Keep up the good work!!!

- Cheryl

Someone forwarded me a link to your website, and I must say, I am very impressed! What an awesome website! Great Job! Great statement of faith too! Amen! Keep up spreading the Truth!

- Dan

This is the best dynamation yet. Keep them coming.

- Darrell

I just found your web site and viewed the creation movie. It is wonderful! The graphics are second to none. I was also blessed as I read about the missionaries in India and the work God is doing through them. The curriculum you are working on is exciting and I will be anxiously watching your site to see the finished product. God's richest blessings to you and may He allow you to see much fruit from your labors!

- Dawna

You are to be commended for a wonderful display of God's Word and Works through audio and video media. As for me, I will send it to many people who could use some spirituality in a different format. This in itself is a "Ministry."

- Douglas

I cannot find enough words to express just how much I've enjoyed this web page. It is the best one I've seen since I've been online in the last two years. I'm sending the URL out to many many friends and relations. I know they will enjoy it as much as I have. Keep up the GREAT WORK and God Bless You. Forever in his service.

- Jan

Your screen savers are the most awesome I have ever seen. Not only did I save them to my computer, but I also sent them to all my friends and family to do the same. This is a great way to witness to people! Keep up the great work!

- Jodi

I'm am in South Africa, and a friend forwarded me the URL of the "Creation" multimedia blast. I must say that it is one of the best web sites that I have ever seen. Neat stuff!! Keep on with the great work!

- Johan

What a great job! My friends forward a lot of sites to me. I often don't open them. I rarely pass them on. This one is an exception. Thank you for your wonderful work!

- Joyce

I think you guys are doing a WONDERFUL JOB! This site is SSSOOOO FUN! I cannot stop seeing all the pages and reading what is to be read! I LOVE IT!

- Kaelan

A friend sent me the url for your website today. I spend hours on the internet everyday as part of my job. I have visited hundreds (possibly thousands) of websites over the years. Not one website has ever touched me the way your "Creation" movie did. I've sent the url to everyone on my mailing list. I couldn't wait to get home and show my 11 year old son the Kids4truth homesite. We've been exploring it together all evening. Yours is a wonderful organization and you are to be commended for your forward thinking and devotion to our Lord and our children.

- Karen

What a beautiful concept to teach creation. My son’s memory verse this month was Genesis 1:1. I just showed him your Dynamation which my mother sent me and he is entranced. I think it has added meaning to his verse. Thank you.

- Karie

What a wonderful website! I can't wait to share it with my 9 year old! I'm also looking forward to more information on your curriculum because I'm planning to start home schooling my children. So I could use all the resources possible! Keep it up!!!!

- Liza

I just want to tell you thanks for a great website and even more than that, thanks for providing a site where the Word of God is proclaimed without any reservations! The internet is so full of garbage for kids and it was so refreshing to see this. Your "creation" page link was emailed to me by my little sister who, by the way, is 38. I am 47 and even though I know your site is geared towards kids, the message is awesome and presented in such a way that I would not hesitate to pass it on to anyone of any age. In fact, I gave the site address to my pastor this morning after church! Thanks again and may God richly bless you and what you are doing on the internet.

- Lois

This is the most creative thing I have ever seen. It has made teaching my 3 year old so very easy. He is amazed and can understand so clearly. Thank you again.

- Mary

My name is Michelle and I am a college senior. I received your creation story as an e-mail today and they decided to check out your page. Although it is designed for kids, I also got something out of it. Thank you for taking a stand for Christ. It's so awesome to see how God is working everywhere. May God bless you all.

- Michelle

This is a fabulously clever web site - well done ! A colleague at work showed it to me today who has shown no interest in things Christian before. Praise God, He can really use high quality work like yours. I'll show it to my kids and the kids at church.

- Mike

I received an e-mail from a colleague or mailing list I belong to and was directed to this site to see the technology. What I saw was a miracle. The creation scene captured my attention and awe. May God bless the use of the creativity he gave you, and may many, many people be led to this site!

- Nancy

At 84 years of age and finally giving in to using a computer, I was blessed to-day to be sent The Watchmaker. My first reaction was "who are these people" and how do I find out the TRUTH about them. Thank you, for you are indeed God's truth and more, you are doing, with todays technology exactly what Christ meant when He told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. YES YOU ARE THE CHURCH TODAY. It is taking a broader meaning daily and is reaching the ends of the earth. Now, I have to scan your presentation further to see where I can be of support.

My prayers and God bless you

- Stan

What a blessing! Just received from a friend the beautiful creation story. Made my day. Thank you for your efforts and ministry. I will pass the story on.

- Steve

I cannot tell you the impact of your work in the recent piece I received via email. I get so many things sent to me and I don't even know why I went to this one as sometimes I just have to clear mail. But I did go to the site and just sat there with my mouth hanging open. I am an elected official in my town so my circle of influence really grew in the past months. I promptly sent it to any number of county offices and just told them to be still and watch something incredible unfold. It was very exciting - got many good responses and each person I share it with is really astonished, excited, blessed, just amazed. When I work at the computer, I often just click on the site to watch and listen to the music. So uplifting. I put your page as a link on my unofficial county page and if I ever get my county page set up, I will link it there as well. Again, thank you , thank you. You all did a spectacular job. I browsed through your other areas here and am very excited with what you are doing. I truly hope to have an impact on this town. Sometimes I feel like Ezekiel or Jeremiah, but hey, when I was running, everyone said I couldn't win because I really talked about what was on my heart . But I did win and was given four more years to spread the truth and stand up. It has been unbelievable - not always easy - not always without conflict , but Jesus is Lord and I just keep my eyes on Him and not on the waves. The Lord bless the ministry you all have and please share with the others involved what a blessing you were to so many here in Virginia. (My husband works in the Pentagon so I sent it to him up there and it floated through the nerve center of Washington for hours..............)

- Tricia


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