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In the Discoverers level (Level 1; recommended for children ages 3-5), children in Discoverers A can earn 1 patch and children in Discoverers B or C can earn two patches per doctrinal theme.

As in the other levels, Award 1 patches are color-coded to match the area in the book where the child is studying. When the child recites the Key Truth, Answers to the questions for the doctrinal theme, and the Bible verse(s) he/she earns the Doctrinal theme patch. These can be recited one at a time over several weeks.

Award 1:

God's Word: The Bible The Greatness of God The Goodness of God

1) God’s Word –
The Bible

2) The Greatness
of God

3) The Goodness
of God

The Trinity God's Creation God's View of You

4) The Trinity

5) God’s Creation

6) God’s View
of You

God's Law Jesus Christ God's Gift: Salvation

7) God’s Law

8) Jesus Christ

9) God’s Gift –

God's Purpose for His Children God's Plans Past and Present God's Plans for the Future

10) God’s Purpose for
His Children

11) God’s Plans – Past
and Present

12) God’s Plans for
the Future

Award 2:

Discoverers B
Award 2 for the child in Discoverers book B is earned when the child recites the Key Truth, Answers to all four questions, and the Bible verse all at the same time. (It is important to note that the child does not have to recite the bonus Bible verse to receive the bonus patch. The child earns a smaller sticker for reciting the bonus Bible verse.)
Black K4T Insignia Patch

Discoverers C
Award 2 for the child in Discoverers book C is the treasure-tracking footprints patch. This patch is earned when the child can recite the Key Truth, all six answers to the questions, and both Bible verses all at the same time.

treasure-tracking footprints

Note: Please note the difference between awards one and two. The children earn award one when they recite each of the items listed. This can be done over multiple weeks if needed or throughout the service. Award two, however, is earned when the children can recite all memory work at one sitting without walking away to study or review. This method helps the child to retain what he/she has studied.

It is important to note that some churches vary the way that patches are earned making it either easier or more difficult. Check with your ministry to see how your leadership has decided for awards to be earned as we allow churches to flex the program to meet the needs of their ministry.