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“We could see the benefits of K4T in the kids’ lives shortly after they began attending. A number of times the kids would quote verses that applied to the questions that I was mulling over (and a couple of times when I was ‘trying’ to witness to RLDS friends in Wal-Mart or a parking lot!), and I always learned something from their booklets when I looked through them.... We’ve gotten [other] books for using with the kids, but they aren’t nearly as easy to understand or as interesting as the K4T booklets.” – K4T parent

“Wow! What a great program. I never knew that the kids would get so excited about learning verses. When I introduced K4T to the kids, they caught on so quick, and soon they all were memorizing God’s Word. K4T not only helps kids memorize the verses, but it also explains to them what the verses mean. I like K4T because it teaches our kids about the basic doctrines of our faith. I also like K4T because it is flexible, which means I can adapt it to my kids and their needs. This program will explode because churches will see that this is exactly what their children need.” – children’s pastor

“I would like to thank Kids 4 Truth for allowing us to use your curriculum. We have used a different kids club in the past, and decided to try something new. We will not regret our decision. Not only are our kids memorizing scripture, but learning Bible doctrines, as well. There is much excitement this year. Thank you again.” – children’s leader

“I just wanted to say how well K4T is going for our kids. I never could imagine that our kids would do so well in memorizing verses. They all were saying their verses left and right, and every Wed. night I have been giving away at least 8 awards to the kids each night. Even the 4- and 5-year-olds got their patches. I am very proud of these kids for their hard work, but I also have to say that the K4T program really works great. I tried to print off some verses each week for the kids last summer, and it was like pulling teeth trying to get them to memorize them; but with K4T's program, the kids are always coming in so excited about all the verses that they have memorized. Also the kids really know their verses, because they can say them during review time. I am excited about the future of K4T.” – children’s pastor

“Over four years ago, when we looked at moving from Wisconsin to Kansas City, Missouri, our elementary-age daughter was a major factor in the decision process. We were certainly glad to find that [our new local] church had a wonderful program for children. We wanted a program that was age-graded, with a plan to get the scriptures and Bible doctrines into our daughter's mind. Though well-meaning, many programs are mere entertainment, or very 'hit and miss' as far as bringing the memory work into a meaningful setting.” – K4T parent

“We have been excited to see our daughter’s enthusiasm continue for memorizing God’s Word. It is amazing to see her knowledge of Bible doctrines and it is extremely gratifying to us to know that she enjoys these spiritual exercises. We attribute this to a scriptural, well-thought-out program, implemented by loving, godly leadership.” – K4T parent

“Bob Roberts is a gifted individual when it comes to working with children. It will not take you long to recognize how the Lord has gifted this man to draw children into a hungry desire to know God in all His fullness. Instead of the shallow effort to entertain children, which is so readily available today, Bob Roberts believes that children should be properly challenged to know the Lord and all the doctrines of Scripture. This is where the ministry of Kids 4 Truth comes in. Kids 4 Truth has been found to be a wonderful program challenging children of all ages to pursue a stronger knowledge of God and His Word. I can wholeheartedly recommend this program for your church and children’s ministries.” – Morris Gleiser, evangelist

“As a worker in K4T and a teacher in [my church's] Christian school, I appreciate the doctrine that is being taught to the children.  There have been many times that students were able to contribute doctrine and scripture with what was going on in the school classroom. Children need to know the doctrines of the Bible, so as they mature in the faith, they will be able to apply these truths to their lives.” – K4T worker