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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Kids 4 Truth for the children?

The Kids 4 Truth curriculum is a great way to help children begin to develop a systematic framework of Christian knowledge. Believing that faith in solid doctrine is essential to pleasing God, Kids 4 Truth aims to teach children God-focused theology without confusing them in the process.

Kids 4 Truth also cultivates in children a desire to think on, study for themselves, and apply the truths that they are learning from God's Word. We believe that a true understanding of God's revealed truth will result in a genuine affection for God's Person and work. Solid doctrine, rightly taught, leads to authentic application. As much as is humanly possible, Kids 4 Truth works to enable and motivate children to be real, to be God-focused, and to be applying God's truth in their everyday lives.

What are the benefits of Kids 4 Truth for the parents?

The Kids 4 Truth Clubs materials provide a reliable and enjoyable platform for parents to interact with their boys and girls about the fundamentals of Christian faith. The questions and answers can serve as great "diving boards" into deeper discussions that every Christian mom and dad should have with their children.

What are the benefits of Kids 4 Truth for the workers?

As they ask the children questions and listen to the answers, the workers themselves very likely will become more grounded in essential Christian doctrine. It is difficult to teach a concept without first forcing yourself to wrap your own mind around it. Working with the children will help workers clarify in their own minds what most important elements of knowledge we should be teaching to boys and girls.

What happens when a child achieves above and beyond the average expectations?

Each unit includes Bonus Q&A that a child may learn. If he is successful, he will receive a special bonus patch.

What happens if one child completes the material faster than the other children?

The leader might encourage the child to work ahead in his book, to do a special bonus section, or to go back and finish any portions of the book that the child may have missed.

What happens if one child cannot keep up?

Leaders are encouraged to work with the 3-year-olds through 1st-graders to ensure that the boys and girls truly are learning the answers. Older children are encouraged to work at their own pace, and the EquipU part of the Kids 4 Truth website provides effective ideas to parents and leaders to help boys and girls "keep up."

Leaders may go to their director and arrange for adjustments to accommodate children with special learning needs.

What if our church prefers to conduct Kids 4 Truth Clubs only nine months per year and keep the summers free?

This can be done easily by changing the time allotment for each theme – specifically, from 2 months to 1.5 months per theme.

Are there lesson plans available for the teachers?

Lesson plans are available for purchase through our on-line store.

What if the children don’t understand everything?

Understanding is based upon knowledge. Understanding of anything generally grows with age and maturity. What Kids 4 Truth curriculum seeks to provide is the foundational knowledge to help aid eventual  understanding. We want to communicate truth as well as we can, and we target true comprehension, but some truths are more readily digested than others. To gain knowledge quickly but understand it only gradually is okay. Why? Because, with repetition and time, a fuller, richer, more profound understanding results! Kids 4 Truth deliberately tries to put kids in the way for God to bless knowledge with mental and spiritual comprehension!

Can our church launch our Kids 4 Truth program at any time we wish?

Yes. The Kids 4 Truth Clubs program is intentionally flexible enough to allow a unique church to begin whenever desired, and to operate with whatever schedule is best for that particular church's needs.

Where should we start the new boys and girls who desire to join our Kids 4 Truth Club?

When boys and girls first begin to attend the Kids 4 Truth club meetings, we suggest that they complete the starter book for their grade level. These starter books require the memorization of very simple Gospel truths. When the children complete their memory work successfully, they will receive the standard for the level for which they completed the starter book. It is then the responsibility of the director to choose whether the child should start at the beginning of the Truthbook for his level, or whether he should just jump in where the majority of children in his level are currently studying.

The children seem unmotivated to learn – what should we do?

We like to say that “disinterest is often the result of ignorance.” Kids 4 Truth wants to make the most important truths understandable so children can gain the confidence to express what they believe and why they believe it. Our books and awards system offer to boys and girls a very real sense of "you-can-do-this."

We make a big deal about award time.  "You get what you honor" if you honor those who are learning the curriculum, those who are not will wonder what they might be missing. If you make award time exciting, those who seem apathetic may actually begin to take an interest.

Review-gaming with a "mixed age group" can motivate children naturally.  Older children do not want to be outdone by younger children, and younger children desire to be better than older children.  A boys-versus-girls competition can become an effective natural motivator, as well. Since the curriculum builds upon the same 120 Q&A, it is possible to combine children from different levels together for the review time. 

Do you think you might be expecting too much from the children?

Matthew 18:10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.  One reason why there is such a dearth of doctrine in today's churches is that we adults do not tend to expect much from ourselves – much less from our children. Adult Christians learn to accept what they hear from the pulpit but do not take initiative to study the Bible deeply and learn why they believe what they believe. While many adults may be learning more of God's will and more of God's truth, they do not work to apply what they are learning. It is time to raise expectations of what our children ought to know. It is time for parents and teachers to model genuine understanding and authentic application in front of children. Kids 4 Truth materials are designed to help churches and families raise up a generation of truth-saturated, God-focused believers equipped for future years of understanding and applying doctrine in their everyday lives.

How much time do most children spend watching television? We believe that television dulls children’s minds and warps their ability to understand and apply solid doctrine. The Kids 4 Truth program has built elements into the program by which all children – both overachievers and underachievers – can learn precise doctrinal truth.

Kids 4 Truth TruthBooks could be a tool in your family's devotional regimen, and adults may even want to use them for personal study. The Kids 4 Truth team is excited to partner with churches and families to build a generation of stable and firm believers who truly hope in God.

What version(s) of the Bible do you use in your curriculum?

Currently we offer our curriculum in either the KJV or ESV versions.

How does your program keep harder-to-reach children involved and interested in learning?

Each child can earn up to 5 award patches per theme.  If a child stays on track to finish his/her TruthBook during the curriculum year,  he or she will be earning an award patch about every other week.  This helps to keep the child excited about learning.  We encourage clubs to make a "big deal" about award time.  In addition to award patches, we have award certificates and pins that a church can use to further motivate the children to learn.

As a child memorizes the TruthBook curriculum, he or she can earn stickers for each Q&A memorized or unit completed.  This gives the child a smaller award in between the 5 award patches per theme, further motivating and encouraging the child to make a greater effort.

Are there awards for attendance or bringing visitors?

We designed the Kids 4 Truth program to be able to flex with the needs of individual churches.  Therefore, we allow churches to use the awards however they wish.  Several churches use the bonus patches for attendance, bringing visitors, or for showing responsibility in bringing their Bibles, TruthBooks, and standards to the club meetings.  Some churches award bonus patches only for the correctly recited bonus Q&A.  Leaving the prerogative with the church is perfectly fine with us.

We have non-patch awards, like certificates and pins, as well as purchasable products such as totes, bracelets, and pens, that a church may use to encourage and motivate children, not only to attend the meetings faithfully, but also to bring visitors.

Our executive administrator, Marrena Ralph, works personally with each church to adjust flexible scenarios to individual churches.  To discuss how Kids 4 Truth can flex to meet the needs of your church, you may feel free to contact Marrena on our toll-free line: 866-754-4272.

Is the Kids 4 Truth curriculum limited to churches, or may families use the curriculum?

We do not limit how the Kids 4 Truth curriculum is used.  Some of the scenarios in which it has been used are:

  • Kids clubs – Kids 4 Truth clubs (Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, Saturdays)
  • Sunday School
  • Junior church
  • Homeschool Bible curriculum
  • Christian school Bible curriculum
  • Family devotional material
  • Neighborhood Bible clubs

Do you have questions if the curriculum or program will fit into your unique situation?  Our clubs administrator, Marrena Ralph, will be happy to work personally with you to adjust flexible scenarios to fit your unique situation.  You may feel free to contact Marrena, toll-free, at 866-754-4272; or email marrena@kids4truth.com.