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How Do I Get Started?

Have you decided that a Kids 4 Truth club could benefit the children in your church and community? Would you like to adapt Kids 4 Truth clubs materials for your family at home? If you would like to take advantage of our curriculum and other program elements, getting started is easy.

Take a deeper look

We think it is important for you to get answers for any questions you may have about our materials before you start using them. Feel free to review samples of the curriculum. We would also recommend you read our statement of faith and familiarize yourself with the program characteristics.

Check out EquipU

We know that the selection and start-up of a new children's ministry can be an overwhelming prospect! That is why we have compiled all of our resources, including downloadable tutorials and supplemental materials for you and your workers. We want to equip you with ideas (from us and K4T club workers nationwide) and help you inspire and train your workers. The EquipU website is designed with Kids 4 Truth workers in mind.

Keep the lines of communication open

If your church is interested in using the Kids 4 Truth clubs materials, please always feel free to contact us. You can email us at info@kids4truth.com, or call us toll-free at 866-754-4272.