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Kids 4 Truth encourages using Christian songs and hymns as a teaching tool to reinforce Bible doctrines being taught to boys and girls. Our TruthTime Teacher Lesson Plans include several suggested songs and hymns to support each doctrinal theme. We believe music is a tremendous means to glorify God by affirming God's truth and encouraging one another, and by praising God publicly for Who He is and what He has done.

Award-winning composer Dan Forrest and children's book author Eileen Berry have combined their talents to produce twelve (12) original, sing-able, Bible-based songs. These new songs have been combined with twenty-four (24) of history's most beloved and doctrine-saturated hymns into one songbook designed to help boys and girls learn doctrine in an understandable, useful, and memorable way.

These products are currently available in our online store:

The Kids 4 Truth Songbook ($19.95 for accompaniment and photocopyable kids' parts / 66 pages, spiral-bound)

PowerPoint slides ($.95/each or $9.95 for all 12 Kids 4 Truth original songs)

"All Glory Be To You" Music CD [with vocals] ($13.95; 12 Kids 4 Truth original songs)

MP3 files ~ vocal ($.99/each; $9.99 for entire album; 12 Kids 4 Truth original songs)

MP3 files ~ piano accompaniment ($.99/each; $9.99 for entire album; all 12 Kids 4 Truth original songs)

Kids 4 Truth Music exists to glorify God by:

  • Aiding the teaching of biblical doctrine through song
  • Praising God through music, both in corporate worship (club meetings) and private worship (home, car, devotions, etc.)
  • Promoting a standard of excellence in music for the worship of our excellent God
  • Providing kids with the side benefits that good music can offer

Aiding the teaching of biblical doctrine through song

The value of music as a tool for teaching scriptural truth memorably has long been recognized by believers. Martin Luther's well-known quote still represents the spirit of our goals: "I wanted to attract the youth (who should and must be trained in music and other fine arts) away from love songs and carnal pieces and to give them something wholesome to learn instead, so that they can enter with pleasure into that which is good, as is befitting to youth." Each of the 12 original K4T songs is rooted in one of the biblical doctrines K4T emphasizes in its curriculum. Verses are selected as the starting point for lyrics. These Bible truths are rendered into poetry which is rigorously proofed and edited for both doctrinal accuracy and age-appropriateness. The ideal lyrics must be rich, substantial, and rightly reflective of God's truth, yet understandable by the targeted age group. When finalized, the text is set to music and test-run with local children's choirs.

Praising God through music, both in corporate worship (club meetings) and private worship (home, car, devotions, etc.)

This purpose could also be seen as primary, since our purposes of teaching God-focused doctrine and rightly worshipping God are so closely intertwined. We believe that God is glorified when we sing songs about Him which correctly define Who He is. God is pleased to reveal Himself through His Word, and when the preacher/teacher rightly explains how God has made Himself known in the Word, God's glory is magnified. Music is a useful tool for teaching these truths in an emotionally-impacting way.

Promoting a standard of excellence in music for the worship of our excellent God

The Lord delights in His praise being made glorious. He is worthy of our best  offerings. His delight in aesthetic beauty is revealed throughout His Word (e.g., the elaborate design of the tabernacle and temple, including non-functional elements; Philippians 4:8) and His endlessly beautiful creation. In this spirit, we want our music to be beautiful as art, and not merely functional, even if it is simple. God delights not only in truth, but also in beauty. We want our music to glorify Him directly through its content, as Scripture does, and indirectly through its beauty, as creation does.

Providing kids with the side benefits that good music can offer

Musical side-benefits include aiding kids' overall education, complementing their other learning endeavors, perhaps piquing their interest in further musical experience, and/or giving some basic training/experience for later music ministry.

A word about style

Musical style is a hot topic in almost all church music circles these days, to the point where many churches and ministries are defined solely by their music style. Kids 4 Truth's defining characteristic is, however, its commitment to the God-focused teaching of biblical doctrine – not musical style. We believe that many current musical styles are not pleasing to a God who is thrice-holy, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens. Many arguments can be made in support of this position – biblically, historically, culturally, and musically. At the root of it all, though, God desires that His children not be conformed to this world's system of anti-God thinking, and worldly music is probably its most prominent manifestation.

Even within conservative circles, not everyone will approve of every song's style. Kids 4 Truth desires, as much as possible, to provide excellent music with which conservative churches may be completely comfortable, yet music that does not sound dated or trite. We wish to avoid becoming so exclusive or "high church" as to render our ministry irrelevant, but we also avoid resorting to musical gimmicks in an effort to introduce something "new." We strive for our music to be appealing to kids and yet of enough depth that their aesthetic taste will be influenced for the better. We aim for holiness, excellence, creativity, and freshness in all our endeavors – including musical style.

The following is a sample of an original Kids 4 Truth song:

Your Word Is True

We at Kids 4 Truth think it is important for the club kids to interact publicly in the local church setting at least a few times throughout the year. We suggest that the children learn songs and sing them in front of your congregation. We also suggest that the group recite some of the Kids 4 Truth Q&A so the adults have an opportunity to hear what the children have been memorizing.