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Curriculum Components

We strive to keep the Kids 4 Truth curriculum exciting, relevant, and applicable – yet uniform – by using a variety of different components in each unit and theme. The following is a sampling of the teaching components found in the TruthBooks for Level 4* and a brief description of what each component is.

(*These graphics are for the Level 4 / Defenders TruthBooks, but the components and the rationale behind them are comparable to similar components, under different names, in Levels 2 and 3.)

Memorize It! Memorize It! – This question/answer section is the main component of the curriculum. The children work to memorize the content so that they can recite the answer when prompted by questions from the workers.
Commentary Commentary – This content aims to help clarify the truth being taught in the "Memorize It!" section.
Fast Fact Fast Fact – This is a Bible or historical fact relevant to the lesson content.
Did You Know?  Did You Know? – This is like the fast fact, only rendered into a question.
Brain Stretcher Brain Stretcher – This is a question designed to provoke thinking. No one answer is necessarily provided, and answers may vary.
Heart Question Heart Question – This is more of a subjective question designed to help the worker gauge where the child is at, spiritually speaking, and to help the child apply the lesson content personally.
  Signature – This is the designated area where the Kids 4 Truth worker can sign after the child has completed the memory and look-up work for each unit.
  Place for Sticker – This is a placeholder area for an optional sticker to help increase the "value" of the books in the children's eyes.
  Continuing Story – This element does not occur in all levels (currently just Level 2). It is a continuing story that runs parallel with the lessons being taught.
  Review – These are 5 questions and answers recapping the original "Memorize It!" sections, designed for review purposes.
  Final Test – These are 10 cumulative questions and answers recapping the original "Memorize It!" sections, designed for review purposes.
Bonus Q&A Bonus Q & A – These are the extra questions and answers at the end of each lesson, designed to reinforce the teaching of that lesson's doctrinal truth. These bonus questions and answers also serve to provide additional award potential for those motivated achievers.
Talk About It Talk About It – This is a question for use primarily in a home discussion. Parents may want to use these questions as "diving boards" into meaningful dialogue with their children about the lesson's content.
TruthQuest TruthQuest – This is a small assignment within the lesson, like looking up a Bible passage and filling in blanks based upon that study.
Web Number Web # – Coming soon, web numbers will be the "code" to access complementary "extra stuff" on the Kids 4 Truth website. This extra material will correspond to the TruthBook lesson's content.
Big Christian Word Big Christian Word – A brief definition of one of the key words used in the commentary.
Awesome Quotes Awesome Quote – This is how we designate significant quotations from people.