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What are the four levels of Kids 4 Truth's program?

The Kids 4 Truth clubs curriculum is divided across four estimated age groups which we refer to as levels. Each one of the level names reflects the goals set for that specific age group.

Please note that part of the flexibility of the program is that your church can utilize the materials for different age groups if you wish. For example, we have some ministries using the materials with teens who are new Christians. The age groups below are merely general recommendations.

  • LEVEL 1DISCOVERERS (3 years old – 5 years old, "exploring"/"treasure-hunting" theme)
    level's main color: lime green
    Exploring what God says about Who He is and what He is doingdiscovering the most important truths about God 

  • LEVEL 2DEVELOPERS (1st – 2nd grades, "building" theme)
    level's main color: red
    Building a foundation to grow uponlaying the groundwork of essential Christian teachings

  • LEVEL 3DETECTIVES (3rd – 4th grades, "sleuthing"/"mystery" theme)
    level's main color: khaki
    Learning to detect the truthdeepening their understanding of God-focused truths

  • LEVEL 4DEFENDERS (5th – 6th grades, "medieval"/"chivalry" theme)
    level's main color: royal blue
    Learning to defend the faithbeginning to give an answer for what they believe, and why they believe it