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From the Director

Hello! My name is Bob Roberts and I'm the chief architect behind the Kids 4 Truth program and curriculum. I appreciate your interest in our ministry. Kids 4 Truth has been a dream of mine for a long time. I believe we need to make foundational, doctrinal truth the top priority in local-church children's ministries.

I have worked with children in a local-church setting for the last fifteen years. I have served full-time as a director of children's ministries for six years. Kids 4 Truth is truly a program designed by children's leaders for children's leaders – of this generation.

Kids 4 Truth exists to inspire and equip local churches, families, and other ministry-minded individuals and entities to reach boys and girls worldwide through God-focused truth, taught creatively and memorably.

It is not our desire to "brainwash" children, and we do not intend nor pretend to be able to "manufacture" a generation of authentic Christians. But we know that ultimately the most effective reaching and teaching must be done by real people - lives touching lives. We want to help real people fortify young hearts and minds with essential Bible truth. Our greatest desire is to put solid doctrine back into children's ministries everywhere. We want to teach truth in a way that discourages children from hypocrisy (a religion of head-knowledge only) and inclines them toward true Christianity (real relationships with the one true God).

We work to support you who are at the forefront of spiritual battle. We listen. We evaluate. We change. As long as I am captain of the Kids 4 Truth ship, we will not be about "making a buck." We are all about providing real people the best possible tools to help them meet biblical mandates. Our ministry is set apart specially to promote biblical truth faithfully, and we are committed to the Gospel. Whether it is our graphics, music, text (or anything else), we strive to make our content reflect the holy and awesome character of our God.

If your family and church share our vision to teach the doctrines of the Christian faith to children - with as little confusion as possible and as much long-lasting and genuine benefit as possible - please take the time to investigate the Kids 4 Truth clubs website and EquipU clubs training and resources.


Bob Roberts