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Club Pricing

Some Things We Don’t Do . . .

  • We don’t charge any membership dues or registration fees in order to use our club materials.
  • We don’t solicit local churches for donations.
  • We don’t surprise you with hidden costs.


Some Things We Do

  • We do offer no-cost printable resources, accessible directly through our website. These resources include record sheets and review game ideas. You may download or print as many materials as you need, free of charge.
  • We do allow you to use as many or as few of our materials as you desire. 
  • We do aim to be as transparent as possible with all of our prices, in order to help churches make well-informed financial decisions.


The Maximum Yearly Price Per Child = $32.26

  • The yearly cost per child for other popular children’s clubs averages between $40 - $50 per child.
  • What is included in this $32.26 figure?
    • 1 starter book (first year expense) – $.69
    • 1 official Kids4Truth standard (sash) on which to display awards (first year expense, sash lasts two years) – $6.59
    • 30 patch awards per year – $12.99
    • 1 TruthBook per year – $11.99
  • Across a two-year timespan, the average cost for Kids 4 Truth involvement is less than $30 per child per year.


Talking about the TruthBooks

  • Our TruthBooks are the centerpiece of the clubs. They are designed to last one full Kids 4 Truth session year (whether your club is a 9-month program or an entire year). Most are about 150 pages long. They are top quality, both in content and appearance. We have worked to ensure the accuracy and understandability of what the books teach. We have also worked to produce attractive books that boys and girls will value.
  • The TruthBook actually doubles as the first award in the club program. Boys and girls receive their TruthBooks only after they complete their starter books for their levels (a process that takes about 2-4 weeks to complete). Having a starter book helps ensure that only those serious about doing the clubs receive a TruthBook.

Other Optional Expenses

  • Kids 4 Truth gear (bracelets, cinch bags, tote bags)
  • Kids 4 Truth music (PDFs, cd, MP3s)
  • Kids 4 Truth charts, stickers and seals
  • Kids 4 Truth year-end award pins and certificates


Ideas to Help Your Church Fund the Clubs

If your church does not have funds budgeted to purchase the club materials you would like, here are some ideas to help pay for the materials.

  • Take up a special offering once or twice a year in order to fund the program either in full or in part.
  • Ask the parents of the children involved with the club to pay a yearly due per child (usually in the fall).
  • Ask the parents to pay a biannual due per child (once in the Fall, once in the Spring).
  • Ask the club kids to bring dues on the first club event of every month
  • Ask the club kids to bring weekly dues.
  • NOTE: All these suggested dues/offerings/fees would be used to help offset the costs of the club materials. In other words, there are no membership dues or fees that our organization charges to your ministry.