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Every local church is different, with unique needs and resources.

We know that every local church is different. Some churches have difficulty getting enough children’s workers to do a program such as Kids 4 Truth. Others, however, seem to have an abundance of people who want to help (praise the Lord if you’re in a church like that)!

Our program and curriculum ought to be adaptable in either of those extreme cases – and everywhere in between! We want to equip you with suggestions and materials to help you as you discern your group's needs and determine its priorities. Kids 4 Truth's agenda is NOT to create identical clubs all over the world. We believe the teaching of God's truth ought to be "all about God!"

So flexibility is a priority for us. We want to equip and inspire you as you minister to the children God has placed in your sphere of influence. You do not have to model your club exactly according to our suggestions – they are suggestions only, intended to help.

Where can you find suggested scenarios and organizational tips for your unique children's ministry needs?

EquipU is our "online library of free children's ministry resources, put together for parents, church leaders, youth workers, and others working with children worldwide." Your ministry workers can benefit from video tutorials and training manuals.

Through the EquipU website, you can communicate with a K4T staff member immediately via the online chat function; and you can read about curriculum updates and news on the Clubs Blog. It is on EquipU that K4T staff members have posted suggestions for adapting the K4T program and curriculum components to various group sizes and workforce sizes. There are many tips, how-to documents, and printable materials designed to help you organize and run your meetings as efficiently and effectively as possible for your unique group.