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Encouraging Longevity and Real Change

Our goal is not merely to make a buck. We earnestly want to help churches launch, grow, and maintain successful programs that ground kids in the faith. We do not want them simply to memorize Bible doctrines, but also to desire God and to know how to live out genuine faith in God's truth.

We are interested in integrating topics, using all the educational resources available to us, and showing kids how theology overlaps with every aspect of everyday life. Here are a few deliberate things that Kids 4 Truth provides out of a commitment to facilitate longlasting, real change – both in what we teach and how we teach.

  • Kids 4 Truth staff and volunteers – always available to serve
    • We have a toll-free number for your convenience: 866-754-4272
    • We list links on our website to contact our various staff members (http://kids4truth.com/about).
  • EquipU and other web-based resources – FAQs, ideas, activities, downloads
    • EquipU is a valuable resource site designed for K4T children’s ministry workers to use at no cost. We stock EquipU with downloadable materials and the latest news so we can keep your workers equipped with what they need to operate a great club.
    • Other supplemental materials and novelty items are available at our online store.
  • Multimedia – devotionals, music, Dynamations, literature

We hope you will find these resources useful, and please let us know how we can serve you better. For more information on what we teach, why, and how, please read our Program Characteristics and Philosophy pages.