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Characteristics of K4T Clubs' Program and Curriculum

Many Christian children’s clubs share similar good elements; so we do hold some things in common with other children's clubs, but we are not necessarily competing with other children's clubs. Kids 4 Truth strives to provide the highest quality of curriculum, focusing on both educational effectiveness and theological soundness.

While we do share some characteristics with other Christian children's programs, there are also some things unique only to Kids 4 Truth. Some of these distinctions just came about, but most of them are the results of deliberate choices. Here are some things we believe characterize the Kids 4 Truth clubs program and curriculum:

  • Determination to be God-focused – Many curriculums teach how we should live and what God expects; but many fail to lay a foundation of Who God is. Kids 4 Truth curriculum views all of life through a God-focused paradigm – that is, "it’s all about God!" (See Romans 11:33-36.) So everything – from our TruthBooks to our songbooks to our suggestions for your club's schedule – is designed to draw kids' attention first and foremost to God, not themselves.
  • Flexibility – Primarily, Kids 4 Truth clubs aim to help adult Christians fortify young hearts and minds with Christian doctrine. Therefore, Kids 4 Truth does not impose a set of preferences above those of a particular local church. Rather, we offer options and advice, but leave most of the decisions to you. Here are some examples* of elements that can be adjusted to suit the needs and emphasis of your own club:
    • Awards: You choose what, when, and how to reward your children. You decide how big a deal awards will be, and how much work should be necessary to earn awards.
    • Program components: You select what should occur in your meetings, and you have the prerogative to remove components that are not well-suited to your club or your club's time constraints (songs, games, review time, etc.).
    • Time schedules: You decide what time of day to meet, how frequently, at what pace you will be proceeding through the materials, and what the order of events should be within meetings.
    • Worker scenarios: Based upon your group's needs and available help, you choose how many workers to assign to each age level.
    * We do suggest possible scenarios for all of the above, and they have been tried and tested successfully, so we know they can work. But you are not bound to any of these. You can pick whatever works best for your ministry.
  • Quality – Kids 4 Truth is all about precise, qualitative learning. We know we cannot and should not attempt to "brainwash" children nor "manufacture" perfect mini-Christians. We want kids to understand, really understand, why it is we are encouraging them to believe the Christian faith. We want this to sink in; we want them to remember years from now what they learn in a club today. Our desire for kids is that they should "know the truth." By that, we do not mean a temporary intellectual acquaintance or "in word only."  We want kids to know the truth in a profound sense – in a genuine, life-influencing way. We believe that a catechetical approach, with its use of repetition, questioning, and memorization, is an effective method for cultivating a genuine grasp of Christian doctrine.
  • Award-winning, artistically-credible, educative multimedia – Kids learn in different ways! Some learn by hearing, some by saying, some by writing, some by seeing. Some learn in a very linear fashion; others pick things up in an abstract fashion. Our goal is to teach, so we have developed a variety of learning experiences to ensure retention. We want to take advantage of the latest instructional technology available. We want to use the web, graphic arts, and other multimedia tools and platforms to support our goals. The curriculum has a "web number" at the foot of every unit, so children can use it to call up related topics online. Our multimedia "dynamations" have won great acclaim for their technical and artistic quality, and they are used by many people as unique tools for teaching or for sharing the Christian faith. Please take time and look what we have already accomplished at kids4truth.com.
  • Competitive pricing – The average price per year / per child is between $30 and $35. This is less than what many (if not all) of the other programs cost per year / per child. We are still a small organization and have thought creatively and worked hard to be able to offer a top-notch product at competitive prices.
  • Simplicity – Our goal is to ground kids in the faith. We believe that curriculums should not be application-based. Application should come through the teachers and leaders. Although our curriculum includes practical applications, the goal is to help kids fall in love with doctrine, the truths that God has revealed about Himself, so that they will learn to love Him above all else. In order to learn to love doctrine, they first need to know doctrine! Kids 4 Truth is singleminded about teaching the fundamentals of authentic Christian faith in such a way that kids remember it for a lifetime.
  • Commitment for the long haul – The people behind Kids 4 Truth are committed to making Kids 4 Truth even better – year after year. Our culture changes. Learning styles are in flux. We cannot remain static. Please see the next section ("Supporting longevity and real change") for details.

At Kids 4 Truth, our hearts, minds and souls are committed and passionate about reaching the hearts, minds, and souls of children. We believe God is blessing our efforts to produce a high-quality program and curriculum with these specific distinctions. He has been using Kids 4 Truth to make a real difference in churches, families, and individuals through the effective communication of eternal truth.