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It is time to get good, solid doctrine back into God’s churches across the globe – especially when it comes to teaching the next generation about Who the God of the Bible has revealed Himself to be.

Most local-church children’s programs emphasize character-building, moral values, external "fruit." Outward results and head knowledge can be helpful and good, but not best. After all, many false belief systems teach conformity and values! The call is to know God. God is pleased to reveal Himself when teachers and leaders teach rightly about Him. Without knowing God, there is no salvation, nor sanctification.

There is a dearth of doctrinal knowledge in today’s Church. We need to return to a standard of Christian truth that is taught everywhere. At Kids 4 Truth, we believe the best way to encourage children toward an authentic love for God (with genuine results, both on the outside and the inside) is to take a "catechetical" approach. That is, we use thoughtfully-prepared questions and answers to guide children in learning about God.

the question and answer method