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Question and Answer Method

The foundational part of the Kids 4 Truth curriculum (TruthBooks) is similar to a catechism. The word catechism simply refers to a question and answer method of indoctrination. Although the word might evoke images of Roman Catholicism, catechism is certainly not unique to that belief system. Here’s how Zacharias Ursinus (1534-1583 -- contributor to the Heidelberg Catechism) defines catechism.

“Kataeceoh more properly, however, means to teach the first principles and rudiments of some particular doctrine. As applied to the doctrine of the church and as understood when thus used, it means to teach the first principles of the Christian religion, in which sense it occurs in Luke 1. 4, Acts 18. 25, Gal. 6. 6, etc.”

In 1 Corinthians 14:19 Paul says, "Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue." In Galatians 6:6 he says, "Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things" Acts 18:25 says that Apollos "...was instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in the spirit, he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord."

In each of these verses the Greek word for "instruct" or "teach" is katecheo. From this word we get our English word "catechize". It simply means to teach Biblical truth in an orderly way. Most often, this is done with questions and answers accompanied by Biblical support and explanation.

The foundational part of the TruthBooks is a 120 question-and-answer catechism. But with all the other things (i.e. awards, graphics, etc.) that grow out of the foundational 120 q&a, we like to think of our program as a catechism on steroids.

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