What we mean by "It's All About God!"

Kids 4 Truth strives to give kids what they need in order to be what they ought to be. We cannot manufacture genuine Christian kids with a genuine passion for God, and we don't want to try. But we can help children cultivate right thinking about the Bible as God's Book, His revelation of His perfect character and work. We can help them develop consistent habits of searching God's Word for timeless truths. We can show them how to respond in daily life to what God is teaching them about Himself.

We believe that there is an inseparable link between theology and practice. We think children can begin to grasp doctrine at a young age and apply it. Just as adults learn to "trust and obey" the God of the Bible, little children can learn to do that, and authentically! The Bible is God's story. It truly is all about Him, not about us. Our daily devotionals are not designed to be merely "story time" or entertainment. They are not merely dumbed-down catechisms or inspirational tributes to biblical heroes. We want our daily devotionals to be Word-centered and God-magnifying: giving kids a clear picture of the one true God in such a way that they will be motivated to keep on searching His Word for more about Him.



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