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God Is a Spirit

"God is a Spirit." (John 4:24a)

Have you ever seen the wind? Probably not! If someone asked you to describe the wind, you would not be able to tell its shape or color. You would only be able to tell what the wind does – it makes tree limbs sway, causes waves to swell, howls in the night, and cools you down on a hot sunny days. In the same way, you could not describe what God looks like, because God is a spirit.

A spirit is invisible. That means a spirit does not have a body or a form that you can see with your eyes. In the world, there are spiritual things and material things. Material things are things you can see and touch. You see material things every day: cars, your computer screen, your clothes, your nose, the sun, and your schoolbooks are all material things. You know they are real because your five senses show them to you. You can see a cell phone. You can hear it ring. You can touch your book. You can taste your mom's homemade cooking. You can smell your dad's dirty feet.

But just because you cannot sense something does not mean it is not real. Spiritual things are the supernatural things that you cannot sense with your five natural senses. It takes faith to believe that spiritual things are there. You might be are tempted to think that just because you can't see something it cannot be real. But the Bible says very clearly that even though you cannot see God, He is real.

By faith, you can believe that God is real even though you cannot see Him. By faith, you can know for sure that the God who is a Spirit is the same God who does everything. By faith, you can sense spiritual things – not with your five senses, but with spiritual understanding. You can know in your heart that God is who He says He is, even if you cannot see Him for yourself. You can genuinely love Him and live your life before Him, knowing that He is always near and that He is worthy of your trust and your obedience. God expects you to rely by faith on the truth of the Bible. God's desire is for you to be even more sure about Him than you are about the material things you can see or feel.

God expects you to believe what He says about who He is, no matter what your five material senses tells you.

My Response:
» When is it hard for me to remember that God is real?
» How can I remember that God is real?

Truth In Real Life

Description of God

A Faithful Witness Between Us
Jeremiah 42:5 "Then they said to Jeremiah, The LORD be a true and faithful witness between us, if we do not even according to all things for the which the LORD thy God shall send thee to us."


Question & Answer

QAre there any Israelites who are born again?

AYes, there are! Romans 11:5 – Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.


BIG Christian Word

Faith - (faith)

Faith is a belief that does not need proof or evidence. The greater our knowledge about Christ and the Scriptures, the greater our faith will be. The more we know about Christ the more we can put our trust in him. (Ephesians 2:8-9) "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God; Not of works, lest any man should boast."