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Meet a Missionary!

Miss KristiCan you say “Mademoiselle”? Mlle is the abbreviation for Mademoiselle, the French way of saying “Miss.” Mademoiselle is pronounced MAD-mwah-ZELLE. Can you say that? MAD-mwah-zelle. We at Kids 4 Truth would like to introduce you to Mademoiselle Jeanne (pronounced “ZHJUN”). She was always known as “Miss Kristi” when she lived in the USA, but “Kristi” is a very hard name for French people to pronounce. So while living in France, Miss Kristi goes by her middle name instead, which happens to be a French name, too: Jeanne. Mlle Jeanne is a missionary worker who lives in the northwest region of France (the province of Normandy), about an hour and a half west of Paris.

Where is France, and how did Mlle Jeanne end up there? France is in Western Europe, south of England and north of Spain. Long before Mlle Jeanne ever set foot in France, she had been praying for years about three strong desires that she believed were put in her heart by God: 1) To be a missionary, 2) to serve in a French-speaking country, and 3) to be able to use her musical training for Him. Mlle Jeanne studied the French language and was finally able to travel to France for a visit several years ago. While she was there, she visited in Normandy and learned a lot about the needs of French people (including their spiritual needs). She was amazed at how God had led her to this place that seemed to meet all three of those desires she had been praying about! Her heart continued to hope she could serve God there someday, somehow.

When she returned home to the States, God directed Mlle Jeanne to spend several years preparing for her life in France. She learned how to teach music and how to disciple young women. Most of all, she learned how great her God is. Before moving to France, God put the finishing touches on her preparation by allowing her to spend a month visiting many churches in Quebec, a French-speaking province in Canada. God brought together many people to pray and help send Mlle Jeanne, and on April 30, 2008, it was finally time for her to return to France! She spent the summer in Paris studying French at the Sorbonne (a famous French university). By fall 2008, she was ready to move west to Rouen (rw-ON), the city that is quickly becoming her new home. In Rouen, Mlle Jeanne has seen the fulfillment of all three of her desires! She is able to use her French and her musical talents to help build up the church in Rouen.   

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What does Mlle Jeanne do in France? Mlle Jeanne is part of a missionary team that is working to start Gospel-preaching churches in Rouen. She spends time each week sharing the Gospel and encouraging the women in her church in their walk with God. Discipleship is important! Jesus commanded us all to be making disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). For Mlle Jeanne to be discipling means that she is teaching and counseling the women biblically in order to help them grow to be followers and students of Jesus. She is in charge of the children’s ministry at church, as well as the music. For her, it’s a dream come true to serve God in France and to be able to use her musical gifts for Him.

What can I learn from Mlle Jeanne’s story? While Mlle Jeanne was waiting in the USA for God’s timing for her to move to France, she spent her time praying and preparing herself to be a better servant. Most of all, she spent her time trying to get to know the God she wanted to serve, and He is graciously still discipling her! Are you praying now? Are you preparing in practical ways now? Are you getting as ready as you can for what God wants you to do in the future? Are you trusting God and obeying Him now so that you will be more ready to trust and obey Him in the future?

Why does France need missionary workers like Mlle Jeanne? French people live for things that will never satisfy: Good food, expensive wines, and fancy clothes. Here’s what most French people say when Mlle Jeanne asks them about God:

“I don’t believe in God.”
“I know there is a higher power, but I don’t like to give it a name.”
“I don’t think that God cares about me.”
“I go to work and pretend everything is OK, but it’s fake. I don’t have any peace. But I don’t really think God has the answers.”
“I am trying to earn points to go to Heaven.”

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Mlle Jeanne has been learning in her own life that God’s Creation and God’s Word are truly “all about God.” Just as you’ve been learning as you explore the Kids 4 Truth books or this website, God is interested in making sure that people from every nation, no matter what language they speak, will get to hear the story of His gracious Gospel and learn how worthy He is of fame and glory. The people who live in the Normandy region of France are sinners just like the rest of the world. God is on the move in Rouen! He is opening up sinners’ eyes and saving sinners’ souls. Pray that Mlle Jeanne will get to have a part in the work He is doing!

Who in the wide world is “Chef Soufflé”? We would also like to introduce you to Chef Soufflé (SHEFF soo-FLAY), Mlle Jeanne’s trusty sidekick. Here he is pictured with one of his favorite things: FOOD. Specifically, he is holding a baguette, which is a long, crusty loaf of French bread. Chef travels around with Mlle Jeanne, and when she comes home to visit her friends in American churches, he comes along and helps her tell about her life in France. Maybe you will meet Chef Soufflé in person one day!

Chef Souffle

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