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Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth eNewsletter | November 2007

Posted: 27 Nov 2007 3:23 PM GMT-05:00

Dear friends of Kids 4 Truth,

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at K4T! The holiday season has officially arrived, and we are finding much for which to be thankful. As you may be aware, this year brought a lot of change for the K4T staff – including a wedding, another pending adoption, moves, and more staff! We are deeply grateful for what the Lord has already done, and we look forward to seeing how He will use and grow the K4T ministry for His glory this year. We have an increasing number of needs for which to trust God in the near future, but He's also given us an increasing number of reasons to consider how worthy He is of that trust.

K4T who? We're so glad you asked. Many churches have been requesting artwork and ideas for flyers and posters to help them get the word out about K4T. We know that advertising your club is not your main focus (at least we hope not!), so we want to make the necessary promotional stuff that much easier for you. You will find a comprehensive packet of promotional materials available now in the promotional materials section of our online store (http://store.kids4truth.com).

GoodShopping! As Christmastime approaches, we wish you would remember us in your gift-giving. No... we're not going to ask you to stuff our stockings or ship us some fruitcake! But there IS a great new way to benefit K4T significantly as you shop for your loved ones this Christmas. More and more of us are "finding the perfect gift" on the worldwide web – buying online through eBay and Amazon, or through the websites of companies like Target, Walmart, HP, Dell, Barnes & Noble, or OfficeMax. Here's the favor you can do for K4T: If you're going to shop online at these companies anyway, stop first at GoodShop. GoodShop is a charity-friendly website that arranges a contribution to your charity of choice each time you purchase something from a partnering sponsor company. You can buy from all of the above and many other favorite stores, while simultaneously triggering a donation to K4T! You can even order digital photo prints (from Snapfish), holiday or business cards (from Vistaprint), or travel reservations (from Choice hotels or Orbitz) – all while benefiting K4T! Just designate "Kids 4 Truth" as your GoodShop recipient, and then "enter" the online store of your choice through GoodShop's site. Go here (http://www.goodsearch.com/goodshop.aspx) to see the list of available partner companies, and sign up to help K4T while you shop from home.

Speaking of gift-giving... While you're window-browsing the internet, why not try our own online store? Kids especially love the K4T "gear" there – everything from pencils to music CDs to sweatshirts to bags to bookmarks. Maybe you know a family or a music minister who would enjoy a copy of the Kids 4 Truth Songbook. You could load up on dynabox tracts or purchase a few copies of the "The Arrival" dynamation DVD for adding to stockings and Christmas cards. We even have holiday gift certificates available!

Dollar in December One project that help$ bring in dollar$ without increa$ing the co$t of our club$ curriculum i$ the "Dollar in December" fundrai$er next month. If you can $pare a dollar (or multiple dollar$!) thi$ December, plea$e inve$t that and a few moment$ of your time to help u$ off$et production expen$e$ (donate $1). Even the $malle$t amount$ can add up fa$t!

Creation is speaking... as K4T's latest dynamation so beautifully and powerfully reminds us. If you haven't yet taken the time to view the newly-released CREATION'S VOICE dyna yet, please do: http://www.kids4truth.com/CV/voice.html (And pass the link along to others!)

Our neighbors in need We know our Hope Booklet (printed in response to 9/11) and our Hurricane Katrina / Rita tracts are technically outdated, but their message will never be irrelevant. Times are not changing for the better, and people who otherwise might have been unexposed or indifferent to the Gospel are becoming more and more aware now of its relevance. If your church is located in the Gulf or California coastal areas where you might have more opportunities to reach out to people affected by lingering hurricane damage or by the current evacuation and losses due to the fires, please consider purchasing some of our disaster-relief-specific tracts ($10.95/box of100). Some churches have been collaborating to help needy local ministries in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, Jamaica, Peru, and other communities worldwide that have suffered recent weather- or war-related calamities. These crises are God-appointed occasions for believers to minister Christ's love and truth to people. Please visit our online store to order some of these tracts, which make great additions to boxes of food, supplies, or tools.

We pray that the Lord will bless and continue to multiply your efforts to be ready with God-focused answers for the people who need them most, when they need them most.

The Kids 4 Truth team


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