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Kids 4 Truth Contact

Kids 4 Truth eNewsletter | New Dynamation - Contact

Posted: 03 Dec 2007 5:00 PM GMT-05:00

Is the Truth really out there?


Does intelligent life exist in outer space? Millions of dollars have been spent searching the stars and listening for evidence to confirm whether or not we are alone in the universe. Even a five-second message from an alien mind might help us better understand our place in the world and perhaps lend some significance to our human existence.

But could it be that contact has already been made with us in a powerful and visible way? Has the ultimate Intelligence sent us a Message that simply cannot be missed? At Kids 4 Truth, we believe that "contact" has been made – not by an alien race, but by the Creator of all life: God Himself.

We are pleased to announce our newest dynamation: "Contact!" This presentation was designed to purport two truths: There is one true God, and this one true God has spoken! What is His message? Come watch "Contact!" and find out – http://www.kids4truth.com/contact.

About: Kids 4 Truth International strives to inspire and equip Christians to teach boys and girls God-focused truth from His Word. We want kids to know what Christians believe and why they believe it.

The cornerstone of our ministry is the Kids 4 Truth clubs program and curriculum, which attempts to fortify young hearts and minds with the essential teachings of the authentic Christian faith.


See the DYNABox Dynamation!