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Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth eNewsletter | June 2008

Posted: 4 June 2008 3:23 PM GMT-05:00

Dear friends of Kids 4 Truth,

It truly is a small world. The globe seems to shrink every day – especially when it comes to communication! We are hearing left and right about problems and needs (spiritual and physical) all over Creation. We at Kids 4 Truth rejoice to have a small part in helping you help your children learn the ultimate truth that God has been communicating down through the ages – the only truth that can claim to meet the needs of people all over Creation.

Speaking of Creation...  With the recent natural disasters in Myanmar and the Sichuan province of China, more and more people are turning to web-based resources for answers to some of life's most difficult questions. Help us promote the Kids 4 Truth website by sharing links by email or posting links on your own website. Check out our "Link2us" program (http://kids4truth.com/link2us/), which requires a standard registration and then tracks how many hits we have on K4T websites thanks to your promotion! Or send a link to one of our thought-provoking dynamations (like Creation's Voice) to your friends or family members and see if you can spark some curiosity about Who created and sustains and still cares about the inhabitants of this world.

Only in June: All clubs startup materials = 10% off!  In an effort to increase our efficiency and income, we are offering month-long discounts in the online store. The month of June features 10% off of any K4T club startup resources in the store (banners, brochures, parallel documents, etc.). Check these deals out for yourself at http://store.kids4truth.com!

Clearance section – While you're surfing our store for the monthly discounts, be sure and drop by the clearance section to see a variety of items on sale.

Please pray for the staff of Kids 4 Truth, that we would have the resources (spiritual and physical) to do the work that God has set in front of us. We pray for you, too, that He will continue giving you what you need for effective ministry to the children He brings into your life.

The Kids 4 Truth team


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