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Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth eNewsletter | October 2008

Posted: 4 July 2008 10:45 AM GMT-05:00

Dear friends of Kids 4 Truth,

We are truly excited about this summer. While we are just entering our busy season for ordering and shipping, we are pleased that so much is going on. There are revised TruthTime Teacher Lesson Plans (TTLPs) for the Developers, Detectives, and Defenders levels (L2-L4) posted up on EquipU, free for anyone's use; and that is just one of several beneficial projects that will be done in time for a new season of Kids 4 Truth. We hope that you, like us, are enthusiastic about the improvements and developments under way.

Changes on the "It's All About God!" online devotionals site – Our technical guru was able to add a helpful search bar to the devotionals website so that you can search for devotionals by keyword as well as by calendar archives. Another great new feature is easy-to-open Bible passages! You can mouse-over and click on a verse reference referred to in the devotional's text and view the corresponding Bible verse(s) immediately in a separate window.

General "WHY?" tracts revised and being printed for natural disasters – With the recent flooding in the Midwest and devastating natural disasters in Myanmar and the Sichuan province of China, our former 9/11 and tsunami "WHY?" tracts are being revamped and printed by Gospel Literature Services. We have cooperated with GLS to create a general tract that could be distributed with emergency supply kits and care packages on short notice on the occasion of multiple kinds of calamity. Please join us in praying that churches will volunteer to fund further printings of these tracts so that the Gospel can be quickly delivered and clearly communicated to people who are hurting in the wake of a tragedy.  If your own church would be interested in helping to fund the printing of some disaster tracts, please contact joy@kids4truth.com for details about the tract content and how to help us produce more.

Only in July: All clubs resources = 10% off!  In an effort to increase our efficiency and income, we are offering month-long discounts in the online store. The month of July features 10% off of any K4T clubs resources in the store (standards, patches, curriculum, exams, stickers, etc.). Check these deals out for yourself at http://store.kids4truth.com!
Clearance section – While you're surfing our store for the monthly discounts, be sure and drop by the clearance section to see a variety of items on sale.

Link2Us and point curious people to helpful resources online – In our day and age, it seems that more and more people are turning to web-based resources for answers to some of life's most difficult questions. Help us promote the Kids 4 Truth website by sharing links by email or posting links on your own website. If you haven't already done so, check out our "Link2us" program (http://kids4truth.com/link2us/). Once you've completed a standard free registration, the program can track how many hits we have on K4T websites thanks to your promotion! Or send a link to one of our thought-provoking dynamations (like Creation's Voice) to your friends or family members and see if you can spark some curiosity about Who created this world, the seasons, and all this summer sunshine.
In closing, we on the staff of Kids 4 Truth ask your prayers that we would have the spiritual and physical wherewithal to do our best work for God's glory and for your benefit. We pray for you, too, that He will continue giving you what you need for effective ministry to the children He brings into your life.

The Kids 4 Truth team


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