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Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth eNewsletter | September 2008

Posted: 8 September 2008 10:10 PM GMT-05:00

Dear friends of Kids 4 Truth,

We at Kids 4 Truth are hoping you had a great summer! Ours has been busy! So much so that we did not even manage to crank out an eNewsletter in August! Churches and families nationwide are launching into the Kids 4 Truth curriculum for the first time this fall, and our staff has been hopping to meet the requests for setup help and to arrange the shipping for ordered materials. While all this work can seem overwhelming, it is also very exciting to think about the good things God can accomplish when we use the tool of structured doctrinal education. We rejoice to think about all the children who may grow this year in their understanding of Who God is, what He is doing, and what He expects of us!

Where’ve they been this summer? – Kids 4 Truth’s founder/director Bob Roberts and his wife Sarah are back in Missouri now after a full summer of ministry travel. Most of the summer was spent at the Wilds of North Carolina where both Bob and Sarah were a part the Junior Boot Camp program. This was a tremendous opportunity to not only minister to sponsors and junior age campers, but also a time to invest in the lives of summer staff members while training them to work with junior age children. Bob had the privilege of speaking four out of the nine weeks of junior camp at the Wilds; a week out in Lucerne, California, at Castle point Ministries; a week in Michigan at Camp CoBeAc; and a week up in New Hampshire at the Wilds of New England. Along with camp ministry, Bob and Sarah also had several weekend opportunities over the course of the summer to present the Kids 4 Truth ministry and to train local churches just starting the Kids 4 Truth program.

Responding to tragedies evangelically and compassionately – Is your church family prepared to respond compassionately with practical and spiritual help when people around you are devastated by unexpected disasters? As we mentioned in July, our former 9/11 and tsunami "WHY" tracts are being revamped and printed by Gospel Literature Services. We have cooperated with GLS to create a general tract that could be distributed with emergency supply kits and care packages on short notice on the occasion of multiple kinds of calamity. Please join us in praying that churches will volunteer to fund further printings of these tracts so that the Gospel can be quickly delivered and clearly communicated to people who are hurting in the wake of a tragedy. If your own church would be interested in helping to fund the printing of some disaster tracts, please contact joy@kids4truth.com for details about the tract content and how to help us produce more.

Speaking of tracts and opportunities... From now till October 31st, all tracts (including our Hope Booklet and other “WHY?” tracts) are 10% off. In addition to that that, from September 16th through October 31st, all Kids 4 Truth bookmarks will be 10% off! Our colorful bookmarks, booklet tracts, and DYNABOX tracts are all great to have on-hand for sharing with your acquaintances. With Halloween coming up, it may be a good idea to purchase some DynaBox tracts! Neighborhood kids are bound to come knocking, and many families have found that giving out DynaBox tracts along with treats is a great way to start conversations and get children and parents curious about the Gospel. Check these deals out for yourself at http://store.kids4truth.com!

Clearance section – While you're surfing our store for the monthly discounts, be sure and drop by the clearance section to see a variety of items on sale.
As usual, we on the staff of Kids 4 Truth would ask you to remember us in prayer, especially that we would have the spiritual and physical wherewithal to do our best work for God's glory and for your benefit. We pray for you, too, that He will continue giving you what you need for effective ministry to the children He brings into your life.

The Kids 4 Truth team




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