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Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth eNewsletter | February 2008

Posted: 16 February 2009 7:31 PM GMT-05:00

What We Did on Darwin’s 200th Birthday

This past February 12th, the Kids 4 Truth team spent Charles Darwin’s birthday putting the finishing touches on our newest dynamation! Lady Lucyhttp://kids4truth.com/ladylucy

In the 150 years since Charles Darwin's Origin of Species was published, his theories about the origin of mankind have greatly influenced not only the scientific world but all of society, as well. While Darwin's "Special Theory" (sometimes called "Microevolution") was largely correct, his "General Theory" that all life shares a single common ancestor is unverifiable and goes against much of the available scientific evidence we have. As such, Darwinism has become a philosophy, a worldview in its own right, almost a religion, and not a scientific theory.

Kids 4 Truth's new dynamation "Lady Lucy" challenges the Darwinian worldview with more questions it cannot answer and demonstrates the ultimate emptiness of this erroneous philosophy. We hope Christians will be exhorted by “Lady Lucy” to stand strong on the authority of the Scriptures which have proven themselves to be the very Word of the Creator to mankind, the pinnacle of His Creation. On the other hand, we hope Darwinists will be challenged to consider what their authority really is (and what Darwin's authority really was) – the fallible word of a man.

Watch Lady Lucy here: http://kids4truth.com/ladylucy

The Kids 4 Truth team


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