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Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for praying for the ministry of Kids 4 Truth International.
fail to describe how grateful we are for God's people that stand with us
praying for us. Through your prayers for Kids 4 Truth, you share in our

We'd like to begin by sharing how God is blessing our ministry! God has
provided a new residence for the Kids 4 Truth ministry. Over the past few
months, we've been working on remodeling new rental offices. Now, thanks
the help of so many, the interior work is done and we've been moving all
"stuff" about 15 miles across town to our new space. It's been an exciting

- Several people donated time, talent, and resources. Professional
dry-wallers, painters, electricians, etc. gave so much to help complete
project. One person graciously gave us all new lighting for our offices.
Others made and brought food in for the Saturday work crews.
- Our landlords have been super-gracious to us. They have paid for most of
the material cost of renovation, and are currently looking at ways to
redesign the front of the building to make it more "Kids 4 Truth
- Our new offices are wonderful. We now have two large windows in front
have become reacquainted with sunlight.
- This building is on the sidewalk level in a fairly high-profile area of
Lee's Summit - a nice suburb in the greater Kansas City area.
- These offices have allowed us to increase three key items: 1. our
identity, 2. accessibility, and 3. space! Number 3 is the most important
reason why we needed to move.

God has graciously supplied this new office space and we praise Him for

Here are our "Top Ten" requests for the month:

1. Pray that God would bless the Kids 4 Truth Devotional System - that it
would be a blessing to millions of boys and girls (and parents and
around the globe. Please pray that God would raise up all the right
for this project, and that God would give us wisdom as to how we can best
serve local churches and families to inspire and equip boys and girls to
have their devotions. (http://devos.kids4truth.com)
2. Pray for the "word to get out" about our clubs and that we would have
churches on board by June 1, 2006.
3. Pray for funds to purchase inventory for our Clubs program. We are
praying for $25,000 to come in before May 1, 2006.
4. Please pray for a supernatural ability to accomplish the vision the
has given to us. Pray that He would rally all necessary components:
time, talents, and treasures - and work them together to accomplish His
5. Please pray that God would help us to publish some new,
songs for boys and girls that correspond with our Twelve Themes.
6. Pray that we would find a volunteer audio engineer to do audio editing
and publishing
7. Please pray that God would allow us to publish the Children's Gospel
Tract before Summer, 2006. Please pray that God would bless this new tract
and that it will be effective in bringing children to the Savior and give
Children's leaders the tools they need to present the gospel in a clear,
understandable way.
8. Please pray for the churches using the Kids 4 Truth Clubs that God
richly bless their efforts to ground boys and girls in solid doctrinal
truth. May the children in their church surrender their lives to God and
strong, stable Christians that make an impact in this world.
9. Pray for wisdom in developing informational and resource guides, record
sheets, and teaching materials for church for the Clubs Program.
10. Please pray that God would grant all of us (both staff & volunteers)
increased production level. There are many projects about 80-90%
and we need God's help to get them to the 100% level.

To view all of our current prayer requests, visit

Also, our website visitors can post prayer requests as well.  Visit
http://www.k4t.com/prayer/showreq.asp to pray for these as well.

Again, we thank you for your continued ministry with us through prayer.

The Kids 4 Truth Team


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