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parallelsPraise: New Parallels Document completed!

This book shows the progression of the curriculum across all four levels and should prove to be a valuable tool especially for moms and dads as they help their children to memorize these vital Bible truths. Find out more about this useful tool here: http://store.kids4truth.com/detail.aspx?ID=315

Top Ten Requests – May 2007


1.    Pray that God would help us to hone and polish everything that pertains to the Kids 4 Truth clubs program – especially those resources we produce to help churches who are asking “How do we do it?” as they implement the clubs in their respective ministries. Some key projects to pray about:

1.    “Web Numbers” web pages

2.    Worker tutorials and quizzes

3.    Core curriculum in audio

2.    Pray for God’s blessing upon the Kids 4 Truth devotionals. Please pray that God would bless this aspect of our ministry and that we would be able to continually produce new God-focused devotionals for our elementary-aged audience. NOTE: we are podcasting the daily devotionals now. Please visit http://devos.kids4truth.com to see and hear them! J

3.    Pray that God will provide the finances we need to produce a new children’s music CD of our newly-completed collection of 12 original Kids 4 Truth songs. We need to raise $19,500 to do this. We desire to use the Indianapolis Children’s Choir for all the vocals on this recording.

4.    Pray that God would bless the churches that are using our clubs materials. Pray that moms and dads would take seriously their responsibility to pass on their heritage of truth to their children (and others, too!). Pray that boys and girls would be firmly grounded in essential Bible truth through our materials.

5.    Pray for discipline and diligence for all the Kids 4 Truth staff! We want to be more productive than ever before this year. Pray that God would do abundantly beyond all that we could ask or think, according to His power that works within us! (Ephesians 3:20)

6.    Pray that the staff of Kids 4 Truth would be saturated with the Word of God and truly God-focused individuals.

7.    Pray that God would bless the new “Creation’s Voice” dynamation – to be released very soon.

8.    Pray for our financial condition. April, May, and June are very tight months for our ministry, financially speaking. April was very tough and May is looking tougher! J If you are able and you desire to do so, right now would be a wonderful time to make a financial gift to Kids 4 Truth. We need about $10,000 to make it through these lean months. Please visit http://www.kids4truth.com/donate for easy ways to give.

9.    Pray that God would bless the regional Kids 4 Truth club trainings.

10.  Pray that God would lead the churches He desires to do so to begin using Kids 4 Truth this fall. Many churches use the summertime to evaluate their programs and we pray that God would lead churches to consider Kids 4 Truth for their children’s ministry. We are asking God to bless us with 200 churches using Kids 4 Truth by the end of this year. (Currently, there are about 125 churches using our club program.)

**Special Requests**

Karol Hicklin – Karol is a Kids 4 Truth volunteer that is fighting cancer.

The Steve Tipmore Family – Pastor Steve Tipmore went to be with Jesus on April 24, 2007. He faithfully pastored Faith Baptist Church in Fremont, Michigan for about 27 years. He was my pastor for several years and I counted him a dear friend, mentor, and counselor. Please pray for Pam (wife) and Steve Jr., Dalen, Karlyn, and Brendee (kids).


Please remember to pray also for the other Kids 4 Truth requests, which can be found here: http://www.kids4truth.com/prayerwarriors.htm

Thank you for being a faithful prayer warrior for Kids 4 Truth!


Bob Roberts and the Kids 4 Truth Executive Team


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