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Praise! Kids 4 Truth Web-store

The new Kids 4 Truth web store is online and functioning perfectly. This new store will be a huge help to all of our customers but especially to those that are using the Kids 4 Truth clubs. The new, user-friendly interface allows for much easier navigation. It also allows us to expedite some important procedures on our end that will result in faster shipping and better customer service. Please visit the new web store soon to see the improvements: http://store.kids4truth.com.


Praise! Kids 4 Truth Office Building

Our new office building looks great. We are grateful to God for the great place to minister. Our landlords have been a blessing to work with.


Top Ten Requests – June/July 2007

1.    Summer interns – We have several college-age young people working with us this summer. Please pray that God would bless their efforts and help them refine their talents as they work with us this summer.

2.    Regional training events – Several Kids 4 Truth Clubs regional training events are coming up shortly. Please pray that many would attend these events and that they would serve to effectively prepare churches to begin using the Kids 4 Truth Clubs in their ministry.

3.    New and existing “club” churches – Please pray for all the churches using Kids 4 Truth Clubs. Please pray for God’s blessing upon these churches that desire to impart key doctrinal truth to their youth.

4.    Web number pages – This is a project that will help complement the Kids 4 Truth curriculum by providing online, interactive learning experiences that correspond to each one of the curriculum units.

5.    New dynamations – Lord willing, we’ll be releasing three new dynamations by the end of the year. Please pray for God’s direction and blessing on these important projects.

6.    Website redesign – The graphics are done, we just need to “marry” all the content to a new CMS (content management system). This will allow us to more easily publish fresh content.

7.    Kids 4 Truth Clubs – Pray that God would help us to hone and polish everything that pertains to the Kids 4 Truth clubs program – especially those resources we produce to help churches who are asking “How do we do it?” as they implement the clubs in their respective ministries. Some key projects to pray about:

o    “Web Numbers” web pages

o    Worker tutorials and quizzes

o    Core curriculum in audio

8.    Finances – July is the toughest month in the year for us, financially speaking. We’ve just spent several thousand dollars on new inventory and are waiting for the “club” orders to come in. Usually, they begin in August and continue through the end of September. Until that time, we are in a crunch and could use your prayers and support. Please visit http://www.kids4truth.com/donate for info on practical ways to support our ministry.

9.    Moms and dads – Pray that moms and dads would take seriously their responsibility to pass on their heritage of truth to their children (and others, too!). Pray that boys and girls would be firmly grounded in essential Bible truth through our materials.

10.  We need GOD – Pray that God would do abundantly beyond all that we could ask or think, according to His power that works within us! (Ephesians 3:20) We want to make our boast in God as he blesses in ways that only He can bless!


**Special Requests**


In the last update, we asked you to pray for Karol Hicklin. Karol has gone to be with Jesus. Though  we mourn her in our loss, we rejoice in her gain. She is in the presence of the LORD. Praise God that her husband, Vance, has been a wonderful, living testimony of the faith which overcomes the world. Please continue to pray for the Hicklin family during this time.


Please remember to pray also for the other Kids 4 Truth requests, which can be found here: http://www.kids4truth.com/prayerwarriors.htm


Thank you for being a faithful prayer warrior for Kids 4 Truth!


Bob Roberts and the Kids 4 Truth Executive Team


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