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Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth Prayer Warriors | March 2008

Posted: 2 March 2008 06:34 AM GMT-05:00

Top Ten Requests!

PRAISE: We praise the Lord for the many new churches that are starting up with the Kids 4 Truth Clubs! We currently have about 215 churches actively using the Kids 4 Truth Club program at their respective ministries.

Be encouraged! Our prayers are being answered!
Recently, a Christian couple ("B & K") were showing a house to another couple, and they learned that the husband was a believer, but the wife was not. Back at the other couple's apartment, B & K had an opportunity to witness to the wife, but there was no Bible around. B & K called their son, who started looking up verses to pass to his parents, and someone thought of the Kids 4 Truth website as a possible resource. The couple had web access, so all of them went to the K4T website. As B & K used the K4T website to explain the Gospel, the woman was able to understand, and she trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior! We were so excited to hear how God chose to use the K4T website to illumine His truth for this woman! Please continue to pray that God will glorify Himself through K4T's website and curriculum.

  1. Pray that God would bless the Kids 4 Truth Devotional System – Pray as we begin offering a monthly subscription service of a printable version of the devotionals. (http://devos.kids4truth.com)
  2. Pray for funds for Kids 4 Truth International and that God would meet our monthly income goals by raising up monthly givers.
  3. Pray for God's strength, wisdom, and precision regarding continued curriculum development for the Discoverers age level.
  4. Please pray for a supernatural ability to accomplish the vision the Lord has given to us. Pray that He would rally all necessary components: people's time, talents, and treasures - and work them together to accomplish His will. Pray for the selection of projects that we all work upon - that they would be useful, unique, and ubiquitous - We can't do everything we'd like to do, so we desperately need the mind of Christ to lead us to the precisely right projects.
  5. Pray for the updated Kids 4 Truth website to be released soon.
  6. That God would provide the equipment and funding to expand the website by offering more streaming audio and video features
  7. Pray for wisdom as we apply for grants and other funding opportunities. About 30% of our annual budget comes from donations, love offerings, honorariums, or other gifts.
  8. Pray for churches who are considering using the curriculum that God will lead them to the curriculum that is best for their ministry.
  9. Pray as we begin servicing the newest Kids 4 Truth Club churches. Ordering process, training, information they need to succeed, etc.
  10. Wisdom in developing training tutorials and start up manuals as well as informational and resource guides, record sheets, and teaching materials for church for the Clubs Program.

Please remember to pray also for the other Kids 4 Truth requests, which can be found here: http://www.kids4truth.com/prayerwarriors.htm

Thank you for being a faithful prayer warrior for Kids 4 Truth!

Bob Roberts and the Kids 4 Truth Executive Team


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