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God Is Everywhere – All at the Same Time
Adventure 2: The Greatness of God
Mission: 8

Question Answer
Where is God?

God is omnipresent, which means He is everywhere, all the time. Jeremiah 23:24 – "Can anyone hide himself in secret places, So I shall not see him?" says the LORD; "Do I not fill heaven and earth?" says the LORD.

The Difference This Truth Makes
It is wrong to think of God in terms of location, because He is the One Who created space and matter. If God created space and matter, He has to be much greater that His Creation and could never be contained by His own universe. That is very hard for us to understand, but it helps us realize why God is everywhere. There is no place where God cannot be found.

If we did not believe that God was everywhere, we might come to the conclusion that we could hide from God when we sin, or that God is not nearby when we are frightened and need Him. But God is always near us – at all times – even when we do not feel like He is.