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There Are Great Reasons To Believe That God Is a Trinity
Adventure 4: The Trinity
Mission: 3

Question Answer
Why must we believe that God is one God in three Persons, each of Whom is fully God?

We must believe God is one God in three Persons, each of Whom is fully God, because that is how He describes Himself in His Word.

The Difference This Truth Makes
If there were not good, biblical reasons to believe the teaching of the Trinity, then we ought not believe it! But God is looking
for people to worship Him in truth (John 4:24). That means God is looking for people to worship Him as He is. God is the Trinity.

The doctrine (teaching) of the Trinity can be confusing. But if the Bible teaches it, then God provides the faith necessary for us to believe it! Many people have considered the teaching of the Trinity a good reason not to believe the Bible. They have tried to prove that the Bible must have errors in it because the Trinity simply cannot be true (since they cannot understand it).

Unbelieving people often use their own intelligence as a standard for proving something as true or false. They should spend some time reading Job 38-42. Perhaps God will give them faith and repentance as they see a holy, awesome God through the teachings of the Word.

Errors happen whenever people try to make the Trinity way too simple or magically understandable, and people try to get rid of its mystery. This will never work. The Trinity is more than humans can wrap their minds around. The Trinity is beyond our comprehension (ability to understand), because
God is beyond our comprehension!


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