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God Says That We Are Made “In His Image”
Adventure 6: God's View of You
Mission: 2

Question Answer
What does it mean that humans are 'made in the image of God'?

Being 'made in the image of God' means that God made humans to resemble Him in certain ways, like being able to think, feel, and make choices. Genesis 1:27 – So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

The Difference This Truth Makes
Do you look like your mom or dad? Many children look a lot like one of their parents. If you do, some people might even describe you as the “spittin’ image” of your mom or dad. This simply means that when people look at you, they can see a reflection of your parents in you, because you resemble them (you look alike).

All humans – past, present, and future – are created in the image of God. Does that mean, though, that we actually look like God? Since God is a Spirit, being “in God’s image” must mean something different than physical appearance. Christians believe that we resemble God primarily in three ways:

Mind – God gave us intelligence and the abilities to learn and think.

Will – God gave us a will to choose and to act upon personal desires.

Emotions – God created us to feel things like joy, sadness, anger, and delight.

God did not make some people “more in His image” than others. All humans have value, because God made each one of us to be like Him. Being “made in His image” refers to something we are rather than to something we have or do. Even if we compare
the richest, healthiest billionaire to the poorest disabled person – all humans resemble God more than any other part of His creation (Romans 10:12).

Being made in the image of God and being God are two entirely different things. God is not a man, nor are we a piece of God. We are unique creatures who happen to be the part of God’s Creation, whether visible or invisible, that most resembles Him – even more than the angels!