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All People Are Sinners
Adventure 6: God's View of You
Mission: 6

Question Answer
When Adam disobeyed God in the garden, did it cause everyone born after him to be sinners like him?

Yes. Through Adam, sin and sin's consequences came into the world and to all people. His sinful record and sinfulness were passed down to us. Romans 5:12 – Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.

The Difference This Truth Makes
When Adam sinned, it caused sin and the curse of sin to spread to all his children. We are connected to Adam. We are all sinners.

Think about a network of computers. When a computer virus hits one computer, it can spread to literally millions of them, because they are all connected. As humans, we are all connected to Adam and Adam’s sin.

Adam’s choice affected all his descendants (everybody born after him). Each of us might have done exactly what Adam did (or we would have sinned some other way, eventually). Adam was our best chance to reject sin and live perfectly before God. He was the representative of the whole human race; so when he fell, we all fell.

Adam’s failure to reflect God’s image perfectly has caused all of us to inherit a sinful nature. That means our spiritual condition is sinful by default (automatically). We do not even have to commit a sin in order to be sinful. We are automatically sinful because we are humans that are inseparably connected to Adam’s guilt.