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The Last Six Commandments
Adventure 7: God's Law
Mission: 3

Question Answer
What are the last six of the Ten Commandments in order as they are given in Exodus 20:12-17?

The Difference This Truth Makes
God’s Law reveals more and more about Who God is. What would it say about a god that told us to go and beat up people that we do not like? How about if that god commanded us to selfishly eat all the chocolate we wanted? Worse yet, how would you feel if that god commanded you to steal from other people in order to satisfy your own desires? What would your opinion of that god be like?

We can be thankful that God’s Law clearly shows us His loving, gracious, perfect, spotless character. God’s Law flows from His holy moral nature – so we can love the Law because it clearly shows what it means to be perfect – and it shows us Who the only Perfect One is.