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We Should Be Thankful for God’s Law
Adventure 7: God's Law
Mission: 10

Question Answer
What should your attitude toward God be like because He has given the Law?

I should be thankful to God because His Law establishes a perfect moral standard that shows me His character and points me to Christ, Who alone can save me. Psalm 119:111-112 – Your testimonies I have taken as a heritage forever, for they are the rejoicing of my heart. I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes forever, to the very end.

The Difference This Truth Makes
Without God’s Law, we would not have any way of understanding our need for God. If we believed that we could live and act perfectly, then we would probably never see our need for God. But we do not even comprehend how desperately we need God. The Law helps us understand our need a little bit, and it helps us understand to the point where some of us call out in humility and repentance, asking Christ to save us from our sins.

But even people who do not have God’s Word still have His Law written on their hearts. Romans 2:14-15 – For when Gentiles,
who do not have the law, by nature do the things in the law, these, although not having the law, are a law to themselves, who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves their thoughts accusing or else excusing them.

Although people without God’s Word cannot understand God’s Word as clearly as those who do have it, all people are born with at least a sense of God’s Law. They can understand right and wrong. Nobody has an excuse for not responding to that revelation and seeking to know more about God. If we turn to the God of the Law, He will show us our sin – and the only Savior. Whoever comes to Christ, believing, may come and be accepted. God lovingly, graciously, and mercifully gave His Law to point us to Christ!