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The Bible Teaches All About God
Case 1: God's Word - The Bible
Clue: 5

Question Answer
What does the Bible teach?

The Bible teaches what God wants us to believe about Him and how He wants us to behave before Him. Ecclesiastes 12:13b – Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man's all.

The Difference This Truth Makes
The Bible says that all man has to do is fear God and keep His commandments.

To “fear” God means to have a “reverential awe” of God. “Awe” is a respect and wonder for the Creator. In order to fear God, we must know Him. We must learn about Him, study Him, and love Him. This kind of “knowing” can come only through the Bible, because it is in the Bible that we find out specific things like Who God is and what He is like.

Keeping God’s commandments is a good thing! God’s commandments teach us about the character of God. We can say that even the parts of Scripture which teach us how to live teach even more about the God who gave those rules.

The Bible is all about God!