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God’s Word Cannot Be Destroyed
Case 1: God's Word - The Bible
Clue: 6

Question Answer
Can we be sure that what God's Word teaches is still good and true for us today?

Yes. God's Word is good and true forever; it never changes. Matthew 5:18b – "Till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled."

The Difference This Truth Makes
When Jesus used the word “assuredly,” it meant “truly” or “for sure.” This word means that everyone should listen carefully because what is about to be said is trustworthy and very, very important!

Jesus said that nothing would be lost from the Law. In general, “the Law” was the name for all of the Old Testament writings. Jesus emphasized His point by an illustration about the letters of the words that make up God’s Word. One jot or one tittle refer to the tiniest marks and letters of the Hebrew alphabet. He explained that even the smallest prophecy in the Law must be fulfilled , and even the tiniest detail of the Scriptures would not be lost, but kept for us to read.

A jot is the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet and looks similar to an apostrophe. A tittle is a small mark on the edge of certain Hebrew letters that make each letter slightly different from another. If the smallest letter, or the tiniest mark on a letter, will not pass away, then what Jesus was teaching was that it is sure that God’s Word will last forever.