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We Cannot See God with Our Eyes
Case 2: The Greatness of God
Clue: 5

Question Answer
Does God have a body like human beings do?

No. God is a Spirit Whom we cannot see with our eyes. John 4:24 – "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

The Difference This Truth Makes
In order to worship God rightly, you must believe the truth He has revealed about Himself! God says that people who worship Him must worship Him in truth. It is the only kind of worship He accepts and blesses.

If you were a blind person traveling along a narrow walkway on top of a mountain, you would want to make sure about where you were walking. You would ask someone to help guide your every step to make sure it was right. One wrong step, and you would fall! Since God cannot be seen with our human eyes, it is by our faith in His Word that we can worship Him. He will not accept the worship of those who believe wrongly about Him. He has revealed Himself through His Word, and His Word is the truth we should love and believe!

Once we believe the truth about God, it does not matter where we worship, only how we worship. The most important thing about our worship is that we must believe in God as the kind of God that He has already revealed Himself to be. The only true God is the God of the Bible.