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God Has No Part in Any Sin
Case 3: The Goodness of God
Clue: 3

Question Answer
How good is God?

God is holy. He is perfectly good, perfectly pure, and perfectly committed to His glory. Isaiah 6:3b – Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!

The Difference This Truth Makes
In Isaiah 6, the prophet Isaiah sees a glimpse of the glory of God and is changed forever. When Isaiah saw God’s holiness, he cried out, “Woe is me!” Isaiah realized that he was a helpless sinner, and that he stood in need of forgiveness.

Isaiah saw and heard angels called seraphim. The Hebrew word “seraphim” means “to burn.” These angels probably burn bright in their passion for God’s glory. But even the angels could not look upon the glory of God, so they covered their faces with two of their wings.