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The Trinity Is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
Case 4: Trinity
Clue: 1

Question Answer
What does it mean when God is called the "Trinity"?

'Trinity' is the word used to describe God as one God in three Persons, each of Whom is fully God. Jeremiah 10:6-7a – Inasmuch as there is none like You, O LORD (You are great, and Your name is great in might), who would not fear You, O King of the nations? For this is Your rightful due.

The Difference This Truth Makes
It is impossible for any human to understand God fully and completely. But the fact that we cannot fully understand something is not a good enough reason to disbelieve it. People believe in electricity and gravity, but scientists still do not understand either of them fully. What people need to do about the doctrine of the Trinity is to ask God humbly for the faith necessary to believe His Word about Himself. Since God never lies, and since God has revealed Himself as a Trinity, then it is our responsibility to believe in Him as a Trinity.

There is nothing else that is just like the Trinity, because the Trinity is God! And God is unique.

Throughout the Bible, we learn what God thinks about imposters (fakers who pretend to be someone else) – He hates them! The first commandments given by God reveal that He hates idols and false gods. It would be awful for us to believe in three different gods. God jealously protects His glory and honor as the one true God. He wants us to know Who the one true God is, and He does not want us worshipping any other god instead.