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God’s Creation Teaches Us that God Exists
Case 5: God's Creation
Clue: 8

Question Answer
What does the creative handiwork of God show us?

Creation shows us that there must be a God, and that He must be uniquely good and great above all. Romans 1:20a – For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.

The Difference This Truth Makes
Since God is a Spirit, He cannot be seen with our eyes. But God has revealed Himself in a general way through His Creation. In other words, invisible things can be “seen” in a way – through visible things. Creation is God’s “radio station,” sending this message to all: “God exists.” Some people see and hear the truth of God, and they believe that and seek to find out more truth. Others see the truth of God, but push it away. Since God can be known, to an extent, through His Creation, no one has a good excuse for not believing in Him. Creation witnesses to the truths that God exists and that He is good. Some people may not ever hear the whole Gospel of Christ, but they will still be held accountable for how they responded to what they did see and hear about God through Creation.