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God’s Greatest Gift Is Salvation
Case 9: God's Gift - Salvation
Clue: 1

Question Answer
What is "salvation"?

Salvation is the everlasting life and forgiveness that God gives freely to sinners who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ by grace through faith to save them. Saved sinners are declared righteous by God and adopted into His family. Jonah 2:9b – Salvation is of the LORD.

The Difference This Truth Makes
In Jonah 2:9, the prophet Jonah was praying from a horrible place: the belly of a giant fish! Earlier, Jonah had been tossed into the ocean, and he thought he was going
to die. But God prepared a giant fish to swallow and rescue him. This experience caused Jonah to repent humbly and to declare that salvation comes from God!

The God Who saved Jonah is the same God Who saves people today. The gift of salvation comes from God and God alone!