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The Bible Teaches Us Right Things To Believe
Construction Zone 1: God's Word - The Bible
Stage: 4

Question Answer
Does God's Word teach any lies?

No. God's Word is true because God tells only the truth. Psalm 119:160a – The entirety of Your word is truth.

The Difference This Truth Makes
God’s Word can be like a hardhat. A hardhat protects the worker’s head from danger. If a brick fell onto the hatless head of a worker, it would injure him – it might even kill him!

There are many lies being told in the world today. But the most dangerous lies are the ones told about God. When people believe lies about Who God is and what He is like, it is dangerous! People might lose their souls for eternity because they believed lies about God.

God’s Word is the Truth that can guard us from believing foolish lies. Just like a hardhat protects the worker from falling bricks or tools, God’s Word can protect our minds from the lies that could destroy our lives. We should stay safe and believe God’s Word!