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God’s Word Is the Highest Authority
Construction Zone 1: God's Word - The Bible
Stage: 9

Question Answer
What authority does God's Word have over me and others?

God's Word has the highest authority because it comes from God. 2 Timothy 3:16a – All Scripture is given by inspiration of God

The Difference This Truth Makes
In the United States, we have judges in courts. These men and women are authorities. But there are only a few of these judges who have the highest authority in the land. These judges’ decisions overrule (take authority over) the decisions of all other judges. They have supreme authority in the court system.

The Bible is the supreme authority, the highest authority of all. When the Bible speaks on a topic, it speaks with more power, even more than the highest laws or judges. The truthfulness of any other writings or teachings must be carefully measured by the Bible. The Bible is the foundation for everything a Christian believes and and teaches.

But it is not only the words and truths of the Bible that make it so powerful. The Holy Spirit of God is active right now in the world, showing people the truth of the Bible. God is teaching people that His Word is true. The Bible has power and authority that is supernatural. God’s invisible Spirit is making His Word understood by people everywhere.

Did You Know? The Word of God is the ultimate test for the truthfulness of any person's words.

Talk About It: If you came face to face with God, and He asked you to do something - would you obey? Why do you think people are hesitant to obey what God says in His Word?