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Our Great God Is Worthy of Honor
Construction Zone 2: The Greatness of God
Stage: 10

Question Answer
How should you respond to God as you learn more about His greatness?

Learning about God's greatness should encourage me to honor and humbly trust in Him. Exodus 15:11a – Who is like You, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like You, glorious in holiness?

The Difference This Truth Makes
God wants the love and worship of His people, and He is the only One Who deserves it. There are no other gods above Him.

God glorifies Himself through His own actions. But He is also glorified by what His people think, say, and do about Him. How do you respond (think, speak, and act) when God works? Do you live like you believe God created you? God is to be honored for His greatness. He is so great, and we are so small!