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God Is Three Persons in One God
Construction Zone 4: The Trinity
Stage: 5

Question Answer
Who are the three Persons of the Trinity?

The three Persons of the Trinity are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Difference This Truth Makes
Although there are three Persons in the Trinity, They are still exactly alike in greatness and goodness, because They are all God. They do have different things that They do as They work together. These different positions They hold and jobs They do are called “roles.” Here are some of those roles:

  • The Father is the One Who commands, directs, and sends.
  • The Son obeys the Father, leads us, and shows us Who God is.
  • The Holy Spirit teaches the truth and makes people sure of it.
Someone might ask, “Are the three Persons of the Trinity just three different ways of looking at the same God?” No. They are each forever and fully God, and always will be. They are different, but they have unity (oneness).