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The Doctrine of the Trinity Is Hard To Understand
Construction Zone 4: The Trinity
Stage: 10

Question Answer
How should learning about God as a Trinity cause me to feel?

I should feel humbled to think how great and mysterious God is, and it should also cause me to rejoice in Him. 2 Samuel 7:22b – You are great, O Lord GOD. For there is none like You.

The Difference This Truth Makes
We should be humbled by the teaching of the Trinity. We are only creatures, and God is our Creator. We believe the teaching of the Trinity, but not because we totally understand it. We believe it because the Bible teaches it and because the Spirit of God convinces us (makes us sure) of its truth.

Although we cannot totally understand the Trinity, we have learned that we cannot do without the Trinity. Without the Trinity, the world would never have been created. Without the Trinity, nobody could ever have his sins forgiven. Without the Trinity, we could not pray. Without the Trinity, everything we know and enjoy would fall apart. We really depend on all three Persons of the Trinity.

As humans, we should never just decide that we have the Trinity completely figured out. If someone thinks he understands the Trinity, he is probably wrong.

Awesome Quote: Jonathan Edwards, one of the greatest minds ever to think about God said: “I don't pretend fully to explain how these things are and I am sensible a hundred other objections may be made and puzzling doubts and questions raised that I can't solve. I am far from pretending to explain the Trinity so as to render it no longer a mystery. I think it to be the highest and deepest of all Divine mysteries still. . . I don't intend to explain the Trinity."


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