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God Made Mankind in His Own Image
Construction Zone 6: God's View of You
Stage: 2

Question Answer
What does it mean that humans are 'made in the image of God'?

Being 'made in the image of God' means that God made humans to be like Him in certain ways. Genesis 1:27a – So God created man in His own image.

The Difference This Truth Makes
Children usually reflect (bounce back an image of) their parents. What does that mean? Maybe people have told you that “you have your dad’s blue eyes.” Or maybe “you talk just like your mom.” One way or another, parents can be “seen” somehow in their children. People who spend time with you will notice little things about you that remind them of your parents. If you are a /lot/ like your mom or dad, people might say you are the “spittin’ image” of that parent.

All humans – past, present, and future – bear the image of God. But does that have to mean that we “look” like God looks? Since God is a spirit, it must mean we are like Him in some way besides outward looks. Christians believe that humans
resemble God in three ways:

– God gave us minds; we can have thoughts about who we are.

– God designed us to feel things like joy, sadness, anger, and delight.

– God gave us a will to choose and act upon personal desires.

All humans have value, because God made each one of us to seem like Him in some ways. Being made “in His image” is something we are, rather than something we have or do. It does not matter if it is the richest billionaire or the poorest cripple – any humans resemble God better than any other part of His Creation. (See Romans 10:12.)